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MAPINFO Level 1 and QGIS Discover

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Level: initiation
  • Prerequisite: Computer science basics
  • Certificate: Yes
  • Provision of the software: No
  • Location: France (individual), Kenya (open course) and within your country / company

At the end of this training session, trainees will be able to :

  • Understand basics of the geographical information
  • Manipulate and manage GIS data using MapInfo Professional and QGIS
  • Display GIS datasets on maps
  • Organize vector and raster databases
  • Integrate external database using joins an SQL queries
  • Set thematic analysis maps with unique values, per range of values, per proportional symbols...
  • Realize layout / Atlas
  • Create / Digitize and modify vector datasets according to topology rules
  • Simplespatial analysis (clip, intersect, union...)

MAPTOGIS is a GIS technical assistance (TA) and certified training center. According to its status, prices under are taxes free.

Open Course 2 560 $USD Per person
Individual 4 500 EUR - La Rochelle (FRANCE)
Within Company 5 500 EUR (*) Group of 1 to 5 people. From the
sixth trainee, price of 1 250 EUR
per additional trainee.
On site in your country
Technical assistance 95 EUR / hour Training / assistance with
remote control of the computer using
teamviewer + skype
(*) travel days of the trainer, domestic approach, international air ticket and perdiem not included.